Rabbits, Zabraks, Skyrim and questionable interests

Had a great time getting Batwoman out for Play Expo! Entered the Saturday Masquerade just for fun and met a lot of lovely people. Batwoman is going away for a bit whilst I work on upgrades (a better suit/gauntlets/boots/functioning belt (that one’s belt pouches are made out of chewing gum packets! :p ) and I’m going to work on my Arwen Coronation Gown, Maleficent, and Sylvanas costumes :) will post my sunday Lara Croft outfit soon ^^

Had a great time at Machester Comic Con this weekend! Met a lot of awesome people and enjoyed getting my Kate Kane on! I was a bit nervous as it was my first ever con but everyone was so epic and had a good laugh ^_^

Will hopefully have more pics of my costume and the con later, thanks to ladynoctis and asakuracos for an epic day :)



some older photos, this time of Rascal and Manwife:

When a bunny decides to sit on your lap, you’d better start petting it or else


Rabbits do actually enjoy watching TV oddly enough, in my experience


But seriously, look at that expression. He knows how to play his human slaves to get whatever he wants:


Smug little shit


I’m reblogging this in memory of Rascal who died at the end of March peacefully in my arms. I miss him so much but looking through his photos helps me remember he was a very happy rabbit. He’ll always be missed, my little monster. 

I can’t stop playing as Maleficent. SEND HELP.

this is, er, costume research ^_^;

This happened yesterday when I ended up in Skyrim trying to research my Maleficent cosplay. This happened instead.

Not seen the film yet (should be going on Friday) but I’m probably going to spend a bit of time outside my main Skyrim save flying around as Maleficent thanks to the animated wings and flying mods. I always wanted to be a badass horned fairywoma ^_^.

New Costume

I want to work on a new costume, but I’m sadly very shot of cash, so I’ve decided to challenge myself… Make my new costume on a very tight budget, but still get it looking awesome. I looked around and what materials I did have, and had an idea… Here’s a clue to my next costume :p

I’ve been quiet lately, here’s some pics of my current Skyrim playthrough. Sylandris the dark elf has changed a lot in the past couple of years with the release of mods and such, but I think she’s well and truly a proper dunmer assassin/reluctant dragonborn now. Gotta love Xenius’ ritual scars and the Eyes of Beauty’s elven eyes really finish it all off. And some extra screenies for fun, along with a sneaky Veezara

My partner’s Darth Maul for Star Wars day (minus the gloves which he put on after leaving the house) I think he looks fantastic, even though i’m biased x)

We got lots of calls of “May the Fourth be with you!” on our way to the club =D

May the 4th be with you :p

May the 4th be with you :p


The Star Wars Good Parent’s Guide (Part I, Part II)

Anon asked for papa Palpatine giving child Maul a festive present, so I had to make a comic. Think of this as a super jolly AU where the Sith aren’t complete creeps. (I guess Maul’s present is getting a somewhat normal childhood?)


Daily Advent Sithmas Countdown

December 10/11/12: Palpatine + gingerbread

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